DS R4 Karte – Advantages of R4 and R4i cards over the game card

The other name given for R4 cards are R4 DS and R4 revolution. The usage of the gaming console called Nintendo is maximized due to the use of the R4i cards. It is an exciting fact that many things can be made possible by using these cards in the gaming consoles.

These cards are very much important if you are going to use the gaming console for other purposes like playing videos, music and to read e-books. This cards have been introduced by many brands and in many language versions, which helps you in choosing the exact card that matches your needs. This card is similar to the Nintendo wii cartridge when compared with the size.

The R4 card can be used in any gaming console like Nintendo and the other versions of this brand. This R4 card has slot in its back where an SD memory card can be used. Through the applications and software which is loaded in the R4 card will enable the gaming console to play the movies and music from the SD card. It is a big wonder that this card can accommodate huge memory space for various applications.

targe blank M3 DS Real: The R4 card consists of a spring apparatus that is used to insert and eject the SD card from the slot in the R4 card. However, prolonged use of the slot will cause the spring to malfunction that may cause the usage of the slot a tedious job. Then came the later version of R4 card called as R4i card, in which the push slot is accommodated to use the SD card. This provided a solution for the worn out springs in the slot.

A menu will be displayed when the Nintendo wii is started after inserting a SD card in the R4i card slot. This menu helps us to identify the items that can be used or presented in the Device from the SD card.

You will be entitled with the liberty of selecting any type of multimedia file to be played or executed in the gaming console. The flash games and other back up games that are stored in the card can be played any where by executing them in the gaming consoles.

It is much impressive that you can learn a wide range of items chosen from the list of hardware and software available in the Nintendo wii. In addition to this many other software can be purchased from many other licensed websites.

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