All You Need To Know About R4 Card

R4 Cards are similar to Nintendo DS cards; they are used primarily to store games, books, music and several other media. They come fitted with slots, located on the back side of the card, where SD cards are fitted. The Micro SD stores all the desired applications, music and media which can then be accessed through the Nintendo user interface.

How it works

Other DS products replaced the original after they were diagnosed to be faulty. The spring mechanism, located on the top part, was discovered to malfunction in some of produts produced. The spring mechanism was designed to accommodate the pushing in of Micro SDs within the slot available on the device. The Micro SDs would be pushed into the slot when fitting them in the device and similarly the card would be pushed inwards when it is being removed.

The spring mechanism was designed to help push out the card upon its removal. The original R4 Card reflected 5% faultiness; of the amount of cards produced which were then pulled out of the market in less than one year.

The R4 card group released the initial product into the market in 2007. The R4i is one of the cards which replaced the original DS cards. The cards can be purchased from approved online distributors. The cards are meticulously manufactured to ensure that only the highest quality DSi cards are released into the market.

This is a bid to prevent an occurrence of a second set of faulty cards released to the market as was experienced with the original set. The cards are individually inspected in the factory to make sure that they are functioning as they should.

Media storage

The cards store the media on the Micro SD. The Micro SD can be loaded on card readers which are then placed in the USB ports of computers. From the computer already existing DS games can be saved on the card or downloaded media from online sites can be saved directly on the card. The card is then removed from the card reader loaded up on the R4i card and then placed in the Nintendo.

The Micro SD card will be initialized on the Nintendo upon booting and all the media saved on it can be accessed using the Nintendo. The device is capable of storing most media file formats. The games however have to be compatible Nintendo DS games to ensure that they are supported by the device.

Where to buy the cards

Consumers who buy the R4i cards can expect to receive them in record time. Once an order is placed; the shipment is dispatched within the next day to ensure that they reach the buyer in short periods of time. Although the cards are produced overseas; shipments originate from the US. Online buyers are provided e mail consumer support provided by DS card experts based in the US.

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